I'm just an awkward little duckling who fell into the modeling industry. I like tea, camping, reading, alone time, my friends, my loving boyfriend, some things I won't mention here, fruit, animals, ADVENTURE, learning, science, music, spirituality & wisdom posts, hippies, hoop dancing, guitar, nerd things, the darkness & the light... So, pretty much everything. =^.^= I follow back! Warning: NSFW.


every week, the same thing

driving, happy-sad tears streaming

realizing what you mean

how much you’ve already changed things

and then to see those same eyes

on another man’s face

deep inside an aching marriage

buried love bubbling back to the surface

rediscovering its purpose… I… knew I had to go

we try to hold on to too many things

juggle fucking and fighting

when love says “let go”

and encourages our wings to grow

i was stubborn in pretending i didn’t know

tried to tell you to run but you just wouldn’t go

and when you finally broke down

saying you knew we were too good to be true

that was the moment

i remembered how much i love you


Poem by myself (roxred.tumblr.com)

I’ve finally been on TV enough times that I don’t even know the count now… That’s definitely not ever something I thought I’d say! . Watch for the Valentine’s Day style segment on KTXD (channel 47, I think) this morning. :)

Work today… A designer’s spring look book

Work today… A designer’s spring look book

Le self.

Le self.